mother daughter love

little did I know that she would bring such joy, healing, and singular love

One of the best things that has ever happened to me is having my daughter and being a mom. I lived in an orphanage for the first four months of my life and grew up to be an  extremely shy, introverted kid. I didn’t relate well to my peers and especially to adults. Many kids who grow up in orphanages have insecure attachments and grow up to have attachment difficulties as adults. I was often told that I was aloof and that no one felt that they could connect with me. I felt a deep sense of shame because I was constantly perceived as someone with a “vanilla” personality or a wall flower. When my daughter was born, something changed not only physically but spiritually and emotionally within me. Little did I know that she would bring such joy, healing, and singular love into my life. She is truly my light and taught me so much about life and about myself. Mother daughter love is for her and grew out of something I’ve wanted to create for awhile.  I’m so grateful to be a mom. I often wonder what my birth mom was like and what our relationship would have been like had I ever had the opportunity to meet her. I’ve only seen her in my dreams and can only hope that she is in a better place now.


Author: Mj

LCSW, Music Therapist-Board Certified, Author, Adoptee

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